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Liet&joliet was founded by Jolita and Lita, a mother and daughter duo. For a long time, they had worked together at the family business, Biba, which was established by Jolita and her husband. This jewelry wholesaler has been a household name in the world of retailers for years. Together, they create the most beautiful jewelry in many different styles – there is always something for everyone. 2020 marked Biba’s 20th anniversary, which they had planned on celebrating in style. But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, these celebrations couldn’t go ahead. Instead, they decided to give themselves a present in the form of a second brand. A brand in which they could literally express their creativity and a glimmer of hope to make life fun and cheerful again in times of crisis.

This should of course also be reflected in the products, nice gifts and accessories to make everyday life special. Get up and celebrate would become the motto. The only thing they need is a name. After a lot of brainstorming sessions and research, they were in a bit of a slump, all their ideas about the perfect name already existed. But when the man of the house called to the office "Liet, Joliet, are you coming to dinner?" replied Jolita “and that's what we're going to call it, Liet&Joliet, just our nicknames, just like we are”.
Once the name was settled., the real work could begin, the product development.

Months before the launch, they started with one of Jolita's biggest wishes. Something she had been thinking about for years, her own fragrance line. So Jolita and Lita went looking for the best people to help them develop the most delicious scents together.
The result, three wonderful fragrances and six beautiful wellness products were created. Of course, this new brand also got a jewelry line because that remains one of their greatest passions. High quality range of plated and stainless steel jewelry in classic but also innovative designs is the heart of this new brand. Super fun to give and to receive.

But what was Lita's big dream? Well, she wanted to make all the little rituals of everyday life as fun and colourful as possible. Think of styling your hair with a colorful comb or hair clip, lighting a candle to make the atmosphere a little more cozy or protecting your hair with a satin scrunchie during your skincare routine. Quite the dream and one that wouldn't simply come true overnight. So, the mother and daughter duo decided to start with a line of hair accessories, which turned out to fill a gap in the market; customers responded very enthusiastically. But by no means have they already achieved all their ideas, dreams, and wishes. So, what does the future hold? A more extensive range of wellness products, a shop in their favourite city, or perhaps even collaborations with big names?
Whatever happens, they will continue to dream and hope that the Liet&Joliet brand of beautiful accessories will add a little fun to the rituals of your everyday life.

So, Get up and celebrate life! Make every moment special, and don’t stop dreaming.

With love, Lita and Jolita

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